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We guide you to build better experiences that matter to your untapped customers
fast through Design Thinking.

We guide you to build better experiences that matter to your untapped customers fast through design thinking.

Build the right "it",
before building it right.

We use a Design Thinking technique called the Design Sprint invented by Google to compress months of “busy work” into days. We cut out the fat in the traditional approach to product development by learning fast from real user data instead of guessing.

Noise / Uncertainty / Patterns / Insights
Clarity / Focus
Design Squiggle by Damien Newman
Research & Synthesis
Concept / Prototype

Design Squiggle by Damien Newman
Design Squiggle by Damien Newman

Companies change for the better when they run Design Sprints.

Before Sprinting: “We had to lot of trouble identifying who our customers were, it really stopped us moving our product in the right direction.”

After Sprinting: “It was really amazing, I was blown away on the amount of insights we got about our audience during the user testing day. I realized how important it is to speak to customers.”

Gayantha De Zoysa Founder & Product Manager, Strive (In Person Product Design Sprint)

Before Sprinting: “I think we were dillydallying alot on a conceptual level of what the app should be & what the UX should do.”

After Sprinting: “It pushed us to get a version out as fast as possible. We felt that after the sprint, a lot of products out in the market right now didn’t have what we were offering as the users said. It motivated us to focus & cut out any features that wasn’t necessary for the launch.”

Anish Wijesinghe CEO & Co-Founder, Wibble (Remote Product Discovery Sprint)

Before Sprinting: “We kept hitting this same wall to do with our messaging. As a brand we wanted to come across clearly and concisely and that was a problem that I wanted to address. We tried a few times to solve it but it didn’t really bring back the results we wanted to achieve.”

After Sprinting: “What I was looking for was a well streamlined design architecture, which we got. But the most valuable outcome which serves me even today, was us sitting together as a team and going through our core values, our reasons to exist and how to get these values across to the audience that we were trying to support. Answering these questions has helped so much in all of the work that we do & and even beyond communication.”

Randhula De Silva CEO, Hatch & Program Director, Good Life Accelerator (In Person Product Design Sprint)

Stop running in circles, launch work that matters.

The traditional approach of ideating, building, launching and learning takes 3X longer than estimated because of;

The traditional approach the building experiences showing that it takes longer than expected due to misalignments, endless meetings, shiny object syndrome and a general lack of focus.
The traditional approach the building experiences showing that it takes longer than expected due to misalignments, endless meetings, shiny object syndrome and a general lack of focus.

How we do it;

Our approach to bringing new products to market is fast and lean, going directly from idea to learn and iterating. Skipping building and launching.

Our approach cuts the fat of traditional product development by Only “Building” to learn.

it’s the core of everything we do.

In the short term:

Icon showing a dollar to symbolize reduced cost and risk

Reduced Cost & Risk

In comparison to the traditional way of getting a comparable result, Design Sprints are known to save 7x the time and thereby save 2x the budget.
Icon showing a man putting the pedal to the metal to symbolize acceleration of work

Accelerate 4 months of work in 4 days

When we cut out the busy work that comes with innovating, we can be more competitive and get real results faster.
Icon showing a lattice structure to symbolize alignment

Align your team on what needs to be done

A hidden benefit that most don’t realize is how misaligned teams are when it comes to product development. When running a Design Sprint, the key success metric for a product becomes clear to the entire team, giving them a lot of momentum in the process to optimize.

In the long run...

Icon a rocket to symbolize that it is a faster path to market

Faster Path to Market

You’ll be able to cut out any red tape that’s keeping you from bringing an innovative product that gives you the potential to activate your untapped customers.
Icon of a gear with a checkmark on it to symbolize a tangible outcome

Tangible Outcomes

The results of the Sprint are made production ready. Which means you & your team don’t have to spend time thinking, just executing on work that matters.
Icon two hands that are interlocked to symbolize strength towards action by utilizing motivation

Motivated Teams

Doing work the normal way doesn’t allow your team to envision the customer using the product. Running a Design Sprint allows them to gain clarity and focus on the results that need to be achieved.

Common Questions

A research conducted by Berlin based design agency AJ&Smart shows that running a Design Sprint resulted in 7x time savings over doing work the normal way. Which means you’ll save 7x the time if you wanted to achieve a comparable result.

It also shows that Running a Design Sprint saved 2x the budget of what would’ve been required otherwise.

Learn more about Saving Time & Money with a Design Sprint here


Our Design Sprint Package is a minimum of 4 weeks split up into Pre Flight Week, the first Design Sprint, the Iteration Sprint and the final week for handoff.

The outcomes of the Sprint will be:

  • Pre-flight Sprint Research
  • 2 x Weeks of Design Sprint 2.0
  • 2 x Interactive Prototypes
  • Targeted User Validation
  • User Test Video Highlights
  • A Ready to Share Executive Summary
  • Developer Ready Working Files (The prototype will be shared in a production ready format so development can commence immediately)

It’s a deeply collaborative process, you can learn more about it in our how we work page.

If we don’t achieve validation with the intended market after the iteration week, we’ll run the process again for another week on us.

If you’re still unhappy we’ll refund you 50% of the investment you make, no questions asked.

A prototype in a Design Sprint is a mock up of the actual end experience that your customers will go through when it’s finally launched. We get to the future faster with prototyping tools. No coding/development.

Yes! With the Executive Summary at the end of the Sprint and the User Test Highlight Reel, you can show your product roadmap and actual feedback of your untapped customers dying to try out your product when it’s launched!

A list of our services and pricing is available here

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